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full mouth reconstruction (crowns)

full mouth reconstruction (crowns)


partial and denture


Prosthodontics is the dental specialty focused on the procedures and prostheses used to restore or replace teeth that are missing or somehow deficient.

The images at right are examples of our prosthodontic work, which constitutes about 80% of our practice.

A crown is a custom covering that fits over an existing tooth. They are usually constructed of porcelain, gold or a combination of both.

A bridge is a series of artificial teeth permanently anchored to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants to replace one or more teeth in a row.

A denture is an appliance constructed to replace missing teeth. A patient can achieve a natural smile and full function with a denture when the supporting tissues allow. It can also be secured with dental implants.

A partial denture (or partial) is similar to a bridge in that it is meant to replace a series of teeth, but is not permanently fixed in the mouth.

Bonds and veneers are made of composite or porcelain material and are placed over the surface of a tooth to protect an area that has been damaged or improve its appearance.

An obturator is an appliance constructed to close an opening, usually in the roof of a patient's mouth, caused by a cleft palate, traumatic injury or tumor that was removed. When we make an obturator for a patient, it often also incorporates a denture or partial denture.

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