Dr. Gary Gotsch

Our Practice

For over 30 years, Dr. Gary Gotsch, Dr. Ryan Zimmerman, and a team of dental assistants, lab technicians and office staff have been providing specialty prosthodontic and maxillofacial prosthetic services to our patients.

We're a little bit different from a typical dental office. At any given time, you might find us sculpting silicone facial parts, constructing custom dentures, or even hand-painting an artificial eye.

Because we specialize in challenging cases and complicated problems, we see a wide range of people in our office. They come from cities and towns throughout Indiana and as far away as Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky, referred by dentists, ophthalmologists, ENT surgeons, plastic surgeons and speech pathologists.

Some have problems with teeth that are still in relatively good shape; others are dealing with serious issues that have been years in the making. Some are cancer patients or accident victims and some, like hockey players or rodeo cowboys, have occupations that are particularly dangerous to the mouth and face.

In all cases, Dr. Gotsch, Dr. Zimmerman, and their staff offer the same high level of specialty care, built on years of experience making patients smile.

"We have something very positive and tangible to give them to make their lives better," says Dr. Gotsch. "That's the special part of what we do."